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After reading this extract of Richard III 1483-1485, I found out some very interesting facts that I'd thought I'd share with you all today. Enjoy!

  • Richard was born in 1452, the youngest of the ten children of the Duke of York.
  • Richard's older brother Edward, gained victories a few years after the Wars of the Roses broke out, with the help of Warwick the Kingmaker, and installed himself as Edward IV.
  • Only 8 years old, Richard installed himself as henchman (apprentice knight) in the household of Warwick the Kingmaker.
  • At the age of 17, Richard commanded the troops who regained Carmarthen and Cardigan from rebels. 2 years later, when Warwick the Kingmaker rebelled against Edward IV, Richard remained loyal to the king.
  • Edward and Richard both won decisive victories in which Richard played a major part.
  • In 1483, during the king's last illness, Edward was to become heir to the thrown and Richard as Protector.
  • Although Richard swore an oath of fealty to Prince Edward, Richard and his ally the Duke of Buckingham continued to London where Richard started to take soundings about getting himself crowned.
  • On the 25th of June 1483, an assembly of Lords and commoners proclaimed Richard as rightful king. This was the Act, Titulus Regius.
  • On 6 July 1483, Richard and his wife Anne were crowned in a magnificent ceremony.
  • However, throughout these events, no enthusiasm for Richard was detected. The Duke of Buckingham, who had put him on the throne, now conspired against it with the help of Henry Tudor.
  • However, Henry's fleet was scattered by a storm and Buckingham's forces also melted away under the impact of heavy rain.
  • Buckingham was executed under the rule of Richard.
  • After the death of Richard's son, Prince Edward and his wife Anne, horrible rumours floated around that he had poisoned her in order the marry his niece, Elizabeth of York. The king was alone.
  • In August 1485, Henry Tudor landed at Milford Haven with 2,000 French soldiers, who were joined by 3,000 men from Wales and Shropshire. He held talks with Lord Stanley, whose son was being held hostage by Richard.
  • Although Richard managed to gather 10,000 men, commander of the vanguard,the Duke of Norfolk, was killed, and his followers fled. This meant that Richard had less men on his side. The king, fighting with desperate bravery, was killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field.
  • After Richard's corpse was stripped and flung naked over the back of a horse, he was taken to Leicester where he was buried.
  • Richard's bones were discovered beneath a car park in Leicester in September 2012.
  • Richard was required in Leicester Cathedral. More than half a millennium after his death, Richard had almost become popular.

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